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Editorials 4
Letter from the Editor / Arlene D. Wilson-Gordon 4
Letter from the President of the Israel Chemical Society / Ehud Keinan 5
Op-Ed: A chain reaction for peace / Zafra Lerman and Ben Margolin 6
Scientific Article 8
The hydrogen energy revolution: no longer a dream – a reality! / Hilah C. Honig and Lior Elbaz 8
Engineering Article 14
Corrosion problems and solutions in antifreeze cooling systems / Alec Groysman, Konstantin Tartakovsky, Moshe Rabaev 14
History of Chemistry Articles 24
Francis Simon (1893-1956): The third law of thermodynamics and the separation of uranium isotopes by gaseous diffusion / Bob Weintraub 24
The date industry: history, chemistry, processes and products / Michael Schorr, Benjamín Valdez, Ricardo Salomón, Noé Ortiz, Amir Eliezer 30
Education Article 36
Space research starts in primary school – Can organisms survive a short voyage to near-space? / Gil Goobes, Einat Zelinger, Dana Smadja, Tali Mass, Roy Goobes , Yotam Gross, Tom Tomer-Ofek, Dvir Haim-Moshelion, Rotem Fuchs, Ori Uziel, Dor Meir, Noam Grinvald, Omer Macabbi-Barzilai, Maayan Menashe 36
Profile 42
Profile of Prof. Sason Shaik – recipient of the 2017 ICS Gold Medal / Arlene D. Wilson-Gordon 42