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92 The Israel Chemist and Engineer Issue 1, September 2015, Tishrei 5776 Intellectual Property the Patent Cooperation Treaty, the international patent law treaty) of Israeli based companies that were published during 2014 in the field of chemistry and chemistry- related areas. Patents of academic organizations have been excluded. The analysis has been performed using the PATENTSCOPE ® and PatBase databases with a threshold of 2 (companies with only one patent are not shown). Some of the main topics of those patents appear in Figure 2 and in Figure 3 there is a summary of the main areas of those patents. If Patents are Weapons, the bigger companies are well armed and take a leading position in patent submissions (see Fig. 1). As can be seen from Fig. 3, the main areas of activity are biochemistry, organic chemistry, and medical or veterinary science (in which chemists have a significant role), followed by water treatment. Figure 3: PCT application fields of Israel based companies, published in 2014 Dorit Plat is an information retrieval specialist. After completing her PhD in chemistry, she worked as an R&D manager. During the last four years, her main focus is on patent searches and analysis as well as on providing information services in the field of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Biomed. Figure 2: PCT application topics of Israel based companies published in 2014 Using similar statistical analysis we can rate the innovation activity in different industries and graph it over a period. As can be understand from the above, the patent analysis resource is a meaningful tool for any business related research.