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91 The Israel Chemist and Engineer Issue 1, September 2015, Tishrei 5776 Intellectual Property How patent data can be leveraged for business decisions Dorit Plat Information Specialist Email: Patent information has becoming increasingly relevant, not only for the established IP community, but also for businesses and governments to inform their economic and political decision-making. Patent information may help innovation-based businesses to • Gain intelligence about a product or an industry and align their research accordingly • Identify most active competitors and understand their strategies • Identify key inventors within a particular organization or technology space • Identify potential partners for in-house IP • Identify new licensing, research, and growth opportunities Figure 1: Number of PCT applications of Israeli companies published in 2014 • Strengthen their patent portfolio by filling up unidentified gaps • Keep a close watch on the industry trend and make reliable predictions These capabilities, and others, are among the reasons for the increasing interest in patent analysis capabilities and visualization. The following graphs show how we can use patent information in order to evaluate the innovation patterns of the Israeli private companies in the field of chemistry. Figure 1 shows a statistical analysis that has been performed on PCT applications (international applications published in