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88 The Israel Chemist and Engineer Issue 1, September 2015, Tishrei 5776 Reports The GSD is a new organisation under the umbrella of the ICS, devoted to serving the graduate (Masters and PhD students) of Israel in Chemistry, Biochemistry and closely affiliated branches of science. This unified organization will be a network which allows outside interests — academia, industry, schools and others, to access the diverse pool of talent of our members. At the same time, we are actively building the relationships to allow graduate students access to personal and professional opportunities through organisations with which we have affiliations and relationships, both at home and overseas. We hope that this nexus of contacts and opportunities will serve the interests of Israel’s graduate students, and additionally draw in further support from outside organizations and companies. The concerns of graduate students are not always heard in the academic world. We want to be a voice for the shared experience of our members. An example of a widespread issue for graduate students — particularly when new to the world of research — is the concentration of expertise within particular groups and institutions. Often we face challenges for which solutions are available, but which lie outside the expertise of our immediate research environment. Thus, the GSD sees itself as an organization which is capable of bringing instrumental, practical and theoretical techniques to those who need them, and we have already begun to organize workshops in the use of, for example, analytical instrumentation and subsequent data interpretation when our members demand it. The idea is always to have the maximum benefit from our collective knowledge by sharing it! Another, more formal aspect of knowledge-sharing among our members will take place this December. We will be integrating the organic and physical chemistry student symposia and holding the inaugural GSD Symposium at Ariel University. This will be the first of an ongoing series of annual conferences which will allow the graduate student population of Israel to share their work. As the GSD grows, we expect to expand this conference toward the invitation of internationally renowned scientists and speakers with support from our affiliates, and we hope this support will allow us to sponsor the travel of Israeli students to conferences abroad. Complementary to our student conference, we are looking to hold career days featuring industry representation, including large companies and startups seeking talented graduates. This is an example of using the GSD as a portal for organizations to access our graduate students’ knowledge, but we also want to share this knowledge with the next generation of chemists. It is no secret that attracting students to science is a challenge, but the GSD sees this as an opportunity to recruit other talented students who may otherwise feel that chemistry is inaccessible to them. We want to send our best communicators to share our enthusiasm for science with the broader public. Whether it be in the schools or pubs of Israel, we want everyone to feel connected to science, which is at the very heart of our country’s growth and prosperity. Serving the student population of Israel, we hope to spark a new-found curiosity and fascination with science, and we hope to inspire minds everywhere to engage with chemistry and help our members have the best possible start to their careers! Announcing the formation of the Graduate Student Division (GSD) of the Israel Chemical Society! Figure caption: From left to right: Haim Katz (Ariel), Carl Recsei (Technion), Maya Miller (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Rami Batrice (Chairman), Oren Meiron (Ben Gurion), Sivan Okashy (Bar Ilan University), Olga Chovnik (Weizmann Institute of Science). Not in picture: Ori Green (Tel Aviv University).