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87 The Israel Chemist and Engineer Issue 1, September 2015, Tishrei 5776 Reports The Mountain-to-Valley race is a 215 km relay, beginning in the northern village of Tel Hai, and finishing in Timrat, in the Jezreel Valley. It has been held annually for the past 7 years and this is the 5th time that Israel Chemical Society (ICS) teams have participated in the race. Over a 1000 teams, totaling approximately 8,500 runners, from Israeli industrial, governmental and private companies, participated. This year, three teams from the ICS, consisting of eight runners each, joined the race. The ICS teams consisted of undergraduates, graduate students, senior researchers and faculty members from all the Israeli academic institutions. They divided the 215 km race into 24 segments, running through ~22 hrs to complete the challenging route. The experience was summarized by Yaniv Bouhadana and Evan Erickson of Bar-Ilan University as follows. "We set out at Thursday, April 30th, at 8 AM, from the beautiful, mountaintop village of Tel Hai, and ran along the Jordan River, and past the Kinneret. Some runners enjoyed a respite in the cool waters of the Kinneret during their break. Then we climbed diligently westwards past Tzalmon prison, where we were served soup by inmates, one runner taking a selfie with Ehud Olmert. Then we continued running downwards into the picturesque Beit Netofa valley where we ran speedily to the dark and mysterious Solelim forests, finally making our way to Timrat, where we had Café Hafuch at ~ 7 AM. It was a legendary experience, and we thank Rotal for their generous support. They provided accommodation during the race, beautiful athletic shirts, and pita-based bio-fuels to power the runners." The Rotal Group who sponsored the ICS teams is a family business that was established in 1963 by Bernhard Rosenthal, a descendent of a long line of German industrialists. Since 2003, the business has been managed by Meir Tal (Rosenthal). The Rotal Group consists of three companies: Rotal Industries and Trading Ltd. – representatives of Henkel Loctite since 1963, Rotal Adhesives and Chemicals Ltd. – represents companies in the field of chemical finished products and equipment, and Lachman Ltd. which represents about 40 companies in the field of control and measurement equipment. Their client base consists of the majority of sophisticated industrial companies in Israel to whom they supply industrial adhesives, electronic adhesives, special lubricants, metal work liquids, soot reduction additives, environmentally friendly cleaning products, dispensing equipment, and control and measurement equipment. Mountain-to-Valley Relay