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66 The Israel Chemist and Engineer Issue 1, September 2015, Tishrei 5776 Reports In 1933, a group of chemists inPalestine, most ofwhomwere new immigrants from Europe, particularly from Germany, decided that they should organize in order to solve their unemployment problems. They met at the campus of the Hebrew University of JerusalemonMount Scopus, announced the establishment of the "Union of Chemists in Eretz-Israel (Palestine)" and decided on the aims and by-laws of the Union. Prof. Mordechai Bobtelsky of the Hebrew University was elected as the first Chairman of the Union. About 20 years later, after the establishment of the State of Israel, the name of the Union was changed to the "Union of Chemists in Israel." In 1960, under the leadership of Prof. Shalom Sarel of the Hebrew University, the name was again changed to the "Israel Chemical Society" (ICS). With almost no interruption since 1933 the ICS has kept its tradition of Annual Meetings, each providing an opportunity for students, faculty members, industrial chemists and chemistry teachers to refresh their networking, exchange scientific and social information and establish fruitful collaboration projects. Typically, each of these vibrant meetings featured heterogeneous scientific programs that included reports from academic labs and industrial research centers, as well as lectures by international guests. The ICS meetings are usually held every year in early February, which is the inter-semester break of all Israeli universities at the end of the short rainy season in Israel. The responsibility for the meetings has been revolving in a 6-year cycle among the chemistry departments of the 6 major research universities. Thus, looking back at the ICS history of the past 2 decades, the Technion has taken responsibility for organizing the 62 nd Meeting (1997), the 68 th Meeting (2003), the 74 th Meeting (2009), and now the 80 th Meeting (2015). Another unique tradition of the ICS, which had already attracted much worldwide attention and interest, has been the hosting of high profile delegations of scientists from top academic institutions worldwide who present plenary and invited lectures. This initiative has created outstanding opportunities for many Israeli scientists, and particularly for graduate students, to interact with top-tier chemists, thus enhancing prospects for networking and scientific collaboration. Each visit of these delegations has left a long trail of mutual visits of students and faculty members, postdoctoral and sabbatical programs, joint research proposals and other fruitful international activities. The ICS has hosted distinguished delegations from The Scripps Research Institute (1997), California Institute of Technology (1998), University of Cambridge, UK (1999), ETH–Zurich (2000), Columbia University (2001), University of California at Santa Barbara (2006), the Max Planck Society (2009), the Chemical Society of Japan and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (2010), Academia Sinica (2011), the University of California at Berkeley (2012) and the University of Oxford (2014). This year we had the pleasure of hosting a delegation of 9 outstanding scientists from Stanford University (Figure 1). The 80 th Annual Meeting of the Israel Chemical Society & Exhibition February 17-18, 2015, David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel-Aviv, Israel 1 Ehud Keinan The Schulich Faculty of Chemistry, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa 32000, Israel. Email: Figure 1: A traditional ICS autographed poster, displaying members of the Stanford delegation (top two lines) and laureates of the major ICS prizes.