ICE | The Israel Chemist and Engineer

64 The Israel Chemist and Engineer Issue 1, September 2015, Tishrei 5776 Profiles Efrat Lifshitz, Professor of Chemistry at the Technion, is the descendent of three generations of professional musicians. Her grandfather moved from Russia to Vienna before the First World War and from there emigrated to Haifa, then in Palestine, in 1926. He managed to forsee the fate that awaited European Jewry and convinced his family to accompany him. Once in Haifa, he changed the family name to Abileah (Father of Leah) and became well-known as a musician and composer. Indeed, he composed the popular tune for "Ma Nishtana" which is sung at the traditional passover meal (the seder). Efrat's father taught the violin and was an expert in Bach. It was into this intellectual musical home that Efrat was born in 1956 and, under her parent's direction, she trained to become an accomplished pianist as well as an excellent student. From an early age, she absorbed the values of intellectual rigor and insatiable curiosity, creativity, hard work, determination, perseverance and self- discipline that characterize her approach to science and, indeed, to life itself. It is these values that she endeavors to impart to her three children and to the many research students that she has trained. She is a strong believer that a student with original and imaginative thinking, hard work and perseverance, can become an outstanding researcher. Profile of Efrat Lifshitz: Recipient of 2015 ICS Prize in Memory of Lea Tenne for Nanoscale Sciences by Arlene Wilson-Gordon Department of Chemistry, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan 5290002, Israel