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56 The Israel Chemist and Engineer Issue 1, September 2015, Tishrei 5776 Profiles Eliezer Gileadi was born in 1932 in Hungary and immigrated to Israel together with his family in February 1940, at the age of 8, escaping from the hands of Nazi Germany. As they arrived in Israel, they were imprisoned in Atlit by the British army for 6 months. Eliezer likes to joke about this experience, and calls it his “criminal record”. He still recalls the high fences and the barbed wire in the camp. This was a pivotal time in his life, which shaped him as a person and scientist as he grew up. After his release, Eliezer was sent with his family to Jerusalem and lived there for a couple of years until they moved to Haifa, where he lived until joining the IDF. Eliezer was always interested in mathematics and fascinated by science. In high school he thought that he would like to study economics, but since there did not seem to be any prospects in this profession in Israel at that time, he decided to learn something more “practical”. Although he never learned chemistry in school, the few articles he read in the Israeli popular science magazine, “Hatechnai Hatzair”, including one on the Bohr’s theory of the structure of the atom, made him decide to go and study chemistry. In 1951, he decided to join the second cycle of the Atuda (IDF’s academic reserves), and obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, specializing in physical chemistry. This was the second chemistry class of the Hebrew University's Chemistry Department, after the war of independence. Later he began to work in the early stages of the atomic energy commission and opened a geochemistry lab conducting studies with rare-earth elements. After his military service, he decided to obtain a PhD degree in electrochemistry for two simple reasons: he was interested in the field, and at that time, there were no electrochemists in Israel, which made him think that this Profile of Eliezer Gileadi: Recipient of 2014 ICS Gold Medal by Lior Elbaz Department of Chemistry, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan 5290002, Israel