ICE | The Israel Chemist and Engineer

54 The Israel Chemist and Engineer Issue 1, September 2015, Tishrei 5776 Profiles When Arnon Shani was born back in 1935, his hometown Ness Ziona was just a tiny colony. In a land that one decade later would be called Israel, Shani not only built his career in terms of achievements, but also virtually built the institutions which made him a great scientist. Shani began his chemistry studies at Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 1957, and moved to the Weizmann Institute for his doctorate, which he completed in only two years thanks to a successful research project in aromatic compounds, synthesizing 1,6-oxido[10]annulene, a missing system in the Profile of Arnon Shani: 2014 Honorable Member of the ICS by Simone Somekh annulene family, confirming the Huckel rule for aromaticity. He then switched to organic photochemistry during his postdoctoral research in Chicago. “For a native Palestinian like me, the United States was a new, fascinating world,” he says while sitting in his spacious living room in North Tel Aviv. “My wife and I would take the car, a tent and sleeping bags and would take our three daughters to explore the country. My oldest daughter learned a lot about geography, geology, and zoology during those trips.” Once he returned to Israel, Shani merged his photochemistry