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Editorial 3 Letter from the Editor 4 Letter from President of ICS 5 Letter from Chairman of IACEC Scientific Articles 6 "New methodologies and applications in electron spin resonance - from wound healing to quantum computing" Aharon Blank 13 "NMR of proteins: Eavesdropping on molecular events" Jordan Chill 22 "Chemistry by (mechanical) force" Charles E. Diesendruck 27 "Sesquiterpenoides – the holy fragrance ingredients" Michael Zviely and Arcadi Boix-Camps Articles on Education 32 "Education in chemical engineering" Alec Groysman 42 "Insights on learning and grading processes in laboratory courses" Ruthy Sfez Article on History of Chemistry 48 "Three chemists who found refuge in Turkey" Bob Weintraub and Geoffrey Boner Profiles 54 "Profile of Arnon Shani" Simone Somekh 56 "Profile of Eliezer Gileadi" Lior Elbaz 58 "Profile of Arie Zaban" Simone Somekh 60 "Profile of Ronny Neumann" Simone Somekh 62 "Profile of Ed Narevicius" Simone Somekh 64 "Profile of Efrat Lifshitz" Arlene Wilson-Gordon Reports 66 "Report on 2015 ICS meeting" Ehud Keinan 82 "Framework Agreement for Collaboration between the Chemical Societies of the Czech Republic and Israel" Ehud Keinan and Alec Groysman 87 "Mountain-to-valley relay" 88 "Graduate Student Division of ICS" Intellectual Property 89 "How to analyze an important scientific contribution with SciFinder – Case Study" Rina Labiner 91 "How patent data can be leveraged for business decisions" Dorit Plat